Richard Rider

I thought I’d better get a proper blog and make all this official…

HI. I’m Richard Rider. I write rude stories. Marvel fans get angry that I’ve stolen Nova’s name. Unintentional, I swear.

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4 comments on “Richard Rider

  1. Patricia says:

    My God man, you’re amazing. I read your Stockholm series and I’m in awe. I despise chronicles, and I almost didn’t read the second one, but I was hooked. I’m anal about writers and honestly, I’m just dumbfounded. I’m really looking forward to any new books you can bless us with.

    • knightrrider says:

      Thank you! It feels like forever ago when I wrote those things, I love that people are still having fun with them :) The eventual plan is to finish the couple of prequels I started picking at, but for now I’m working on something completely different about Victorian porn photographers so that should be out later this year.


  2. Vanessa Oh says:

    Wow, this blog is relatively new! That said, I’m here because of your Stockholm Syndrome series and I really enjoyed reading it especially when I came to the end of the series and understood what it all meant. Wonderfully written, if I may say so. I found myself being able to relate to some behaviour and mentally of some of the characters.
    Anyway, I will be watching out for your new books!


    • knightrrider says:

      New and mostly empty! I’d post more, but I’m actually quite boring :P

      Thank you for reading and letting me know your thoughts – it seems like so long ago when I wrote those stories, it’s pretty amazing to me that people are still discovering them now when I honestly never expected them to go beyond my friends!



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