Age of consent issues

I was trying to write more Captured Shadows but accidentally wrote almost ten thousand words of that hibernating Valentine prequel instead. Oops. I mean, I’m glad I’m writing something after the drought I’ve had recently, but I didn’t expect it to be this…! It’s turning out pretty good though. It’s funny, I’ve had the backstory so solid in my head for the last five years or whatever it is that I always forget what’s actually mentioned in the books and what’s just random stuff that only I know. It feels a bit strange to be going back and filling in things that are major contributing factors to his character later on. I’m not sure whether it’s all going to work ok in the end – there’s such a thing as explaining too much, I think? We shall see!

Onto a slightly weird topic I’ve been discussing with someone lately: where do you draw the line regarding the ages of characters you read about in rudey books? I know it’s partly a legal age of consent issue – here in the UK it’s 16 for everyone, but she’s in a state where it’s 18 and feels a bit icky reading about anyone younger than that, which is totally understandable. Just curious what other people think about it.


2 comments on “Age of consent issues

  1. heartrachel says:

    As a person who grew up in an 18 legal for anyone, 16 legal if the other partner is 16-19, I’m not terribly bothered if the character is 16. I’m not terribly bothered about age of consent if both characters are similarly aged — it only starts to feel icky if one of them is much older/younger than the other.

    And I am so excited at the prospect of a prequel to SS.

  2. knightrrider says:

    This seems to be the general opinion of most people I’ve spoken to, which is good! Agreed about the big age gap, but I remember what a pantsless monster I was at 14 so can’t really say anything :P

    There’ll be a prequel each for Pip and Lindsay covering their lives up until that day they met. Really need to get back to those!


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