Captured Shadows

Captured Shadows - front coverJim Sinnett spends his days on respectable portrait photography and his nights creating scandalous erotic pictures for men who hide their desires in locked cabinets and between the pages of books. When a new friendship leads to a secret opportunity, one more dangerous than ever before, Jim agrees to step in front of the camera but finds himself baring much more than his skin.

A twisting historical romance set in the fog of Victorian London, Captured Shadows follows the path of love, blackmail and obsession to a devastating climax.

Now available to purchase at Lulu in EPUB and PDF.

It’ll be up for Kindle, iBookstore and so on shortly, it just takes a little while for them to (I assume?) check I’ve not just keysmashed like a monkey. You can never trust self-published authors…

Comp copies available for review blogs and the like! Please email richardrider1984 @



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