Kindle, Kobo & questions

Captured Shadows is available now on Kindle and Kobo! I’m not seeing it yet on iBooks but it should be up there sometime soon.

I’ve been drowning in emails and messages lately (hello again, One Direction fandom) so please hang on a bit longer if you’re waiting on a reply – tomorrow is my dedicated email day. I promise I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m just struggling a bit with the volume…! In the meantime I’ll say a few quick things to cover most of what’s being asked:

1) I’ve been sending the old Stockholm Syndrome files to people who asked for them since it’s been taking me so long to get the editing finished, but we’re so close to the books’ re-release (December!) that I’d rather you hang on a few weeks more and get the improved versions. Less meandering endless porn. Ymmv on whether this approach is an improvement, I don’t know! They certainly work better as stories.

2) Stockholm Syndrome was published in 2009 and (other than a few mentions of McFly because they are my life blood and barge themselves uninvited into everything I say or do ever) have nothing to do with any boyband – although of course I’m pleased people are still finding and enjoying the stories so many years after they were written, even if it’s from somewhere unexpected. Welcome to everyone who’s been lovely about this thing; two middle fingers up to the wankers with the weird threats.

3) No, I am not Harry Styles. Never thought that would be a question I’d need a FAQ for…

Why are we talking so much about Stockholm Syndrome? Go and read Captured Shadows, it’s brilliant!



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