The Trojan Project


Short story collaboration with the best writer I know.

Coming soon, and coming hard ;)


3 comments on “The Trojan Project

  1. Misty says:

    Intriguing cover ………!
    I’ve got a question for you : is there any chance of a sequel to Captured Shadows, just asking. I love this book so much, I simply can’t let go Jim and Archie like this. I’ve already re-read it – I’ve got the same problem with John T. Fuller’s When the Music Stops, must have re-read it four times already, I just don’t want to let it go. Thanks ^_^

  2. knightrrider says:

    Funny, I was just talking about it with John a few days ago – there’s definitely going to be a sequel! I can’t stop thinking about how much Jim is going to lose his head when he reads his first Wells novel and sees his first film. It’s not going to be as bleak as the first one (working title: Captured Light), although there miiight be a bit of trouble stirred up by an unwelcome guest. Saying no more, but I’m excited to properly start work on it later this year – thank you for the ongoing support!

    That cover is the biggest joy in my life right now. I’ve saved it as my phone lock screen :P


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