Richard Rider’s name autocorrects as Richard Ridiculous in OpenOffice, which kind of says it all.

After somehow managing to spend several years making gold and copper crowns for a living in the Narnian wilds of North Wales, a move back to English suburbia in an attempt to grow up brought with it a dull respectable job, an OU English degree, a socially-acceptable hair colour, and an unhealthy codependent relationship with a cat (the cat part isn’t really helping). A bit of unexpected success came out of nowhere with the self-published Stockholm Syndrome trilogy, and Richard has just released a new novel called Captured Shadows, set amongst the technological pioneers of photography in Victorian London. The scraps of time left over are devoted to old Nintendos, Paul Newman, boy bands and Wham bars.

Future blog posts will be here at knightrrider.wordpress.com, but they’ll probably just be about cats.

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