Captured Shadows

Jim Sinnett spends his days on respectable portrait photography and his nights creating scandalous erotic pictures for men who hide their desires in locked cabinets and between the pages of books. When a new friendship leads to a secret opportunity, one more dangerous than ever before, Jim agrees to step in front of the camera but finds himself baring much more than his skin.

A twisting historical romance set in the fog of Victorian London, Captured Shadows follows the path of love, blackmail and obsession to a devastating climax.

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01thumbStockholm Syndrome

“It’s like off a romcom. Me and you, windows down, roof rolled back, wine, parked up a cliff, sound of waves, sun setting…”

“…and fellating an illegal gun in a stolen car full of ransom money?”

When lottery heir Pip Valentine is taken hostage during a botched robbery, he seizes his chance to escape the life he hates by offering his Mini as a getaway car to the thug holding a gun to his ear. The man behind the balaclava is Lindsay Brown – on the surface a respectable and successful entrepreneur, beneath it a criminal mastermind with a disturbed past of drugs and crime. Valentine is more used to cartoons and cross-dressing than Lindsay’s jazz and jet-setting, but there’s something about him that Lindsay just can’t quit, and soon their strange relationship becomes unexpectedly deeper and more dangerous than either of them imagined. Can obsession really be love, and can love ever survive obsession?

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02thumb17 Black and 29 Red

“What are you running away from? You’re still going to miss him whether you’re here or Mars.”

When Pip Valentine fell hard in love with the armed robber who kidnapped him, his life was turned upside down. But consuming love tends to burn what it touches and Valentine has to make the most adult decision of his life: to walk away from Lindsay Brown. Reconciled with his parents and starting a new relationship with his childhood best friend, Valentine tries to leave the consequences of a terrible decision behind and forget about Lindsay. Until, that is, after trying to run away – travelling the world in search of cheap thrills and dangerous highs, finding unexpected salvation in the safety of a family life – Lindsay comes back to find him.

When the past and the present collide unexpectedly after several years apart, can a twisted broken old romance ever settle into true friendship?

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03thumbNo Beginning, No End

“What if that’s all there was? If I don’t need you looking after me no more are you still gonna want me?”

The first time they were together was a messy, jagged jigsaw of interlocking flaws. Seven years later, Lindsay Brown and Pip Valentine have got back together and are taking a shot at normal life with 9-to-5s, family Christmas, and babysitting duties. But these things don’t come easily, especially when you’ve got a baggage train of violence, drugs, crime and sex in your past following you around. Once the giddy rush of reuniting fades, Pip and Lindsay realise they’ve both changed so much that it’s more like starting over than picking up where they left off. As they fall back into some of their old patterns and try new things from dating to dogging, will what they have now be enough to keep them together? All too soon, life or death events intervene to decide for them.

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16 comments on “Books

  1. elizabetta says:

    Hello — Could you tell me how this new version of Stockholm Syndrome will differ from the free copy available on line. Also, will you post a new page for this on Goodreads or update the present page? Thanks!

    • knightrrider says:

      Hi – there’s no free version online, at least not an authorised one! I realise some people have been passing the PDFs around while they’ve been unavailable officially, which is fine, but I hope people are going to go for the updated/better files now they’re available.

      Changes: mostly it’s just some general tidying up of typos and awkward phrases. I’ve removed a couple of superfluous plotless chapters and added a few others. Also they’re decent ebook formats now, rather than just the PDF print files from the paperbacks, which aren’t great for a lot of e-readers.

      I still need to update details on Goodreads. I think I can add these as new editions rather than setting up new pages for them.

  2. Tully says:

    Will these be available from somewhere like Amazon or Smashwords in future? I’m confused by the pounds vs dollars and additional paypal fees for international, so just wondering. Thanks.

    • knightrrider says:

      Hi Tully – I think the additional fees are because of weird new EU tax laws, it’s all kind of confusing for me too! I’ve got no plans to release them anywhere else for now though, I just wanted to try it out totally independent for a while and see how it goes.

      • Becky says:

        Hi. I have yet to read the book and I’ve been trying to find a way to buy it for about a year now! So by “no plans to release them anywhere else”…does that mean there’s no possible way for me to buy a hard copy sent to America?? Sorry, just wanted to clear that up

      • knightrrider says:

        Sorry, I should clarify: I only meant the ebooks. The paperbacks will be up on Lulu really soon and they deliver worldwide, I just need to order test prints to check the formatting is ok. Should be available next week if all goes well :)

  3. Misty says:

    Paypal problem!?


    I recommended ‘Captured Shadows’ in a discussion in the m/m group the other day and yesterday one person PMed me about a weird thing. I just reproduced what he told me, I went on your site, clicked the 3 links : EPUB | MOBI | PDF | for Captured Shadows, it sent me to PayPal, fine, but while the top of the screen said Captured Shadows, the actual invoice/statement/bill part had the name of another book!? : Filthy Rich …..

    So the person in question, of course , didn’t go through with the payment and I sent him to Lulu.

    But the isn’t even the weirdest thing because I tried the same thing with the Stockholm series books and identical problem!! it’s not the right title but again : Filthy Rich !!!!

    Are we missing something here !!!!!

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know this :)

    • knightrrider says:

      (Just crossposting my reply from Goodreads so the answer’s here for people too)

      Don’t worry, that’s just the silly name of my paypal business account. All the ebooks are correct once you download them :) Thank you so much for the rec!

  4. Abarratt says:

    Yeah I got the same problem whats with the Filthy Rich? I mean if that was an erotic book about Rich Fulcher I’d love that but I suppose it aint :D

    • knightrrider says:

      I’m not sure the world is ready for something like that!

      It’s just the stupid name of my paypal account because I’m far too amused by terrible puns. All the files are correct :)

  5. […] I had Richard Rider’s Stockholm Syndrome recommended to me. I love getting recs from people who read a lot, and even […]

  6. Cdias says:

    I just downloaded Stolkholm syndrome and tried opening the ePub link on my iPad and it doesn’t work. I’m forced to open it on a pc computer. Kinda frustrating. This should be fixed

    • knightrrider says:

      Sorry you’re having trouble! It does seem to be working for others, though, I’ve not heard the same problem from anyone else who’s bought it. I’m a bit of a technology dunce so I’ve no idea how, but could it be your device? Happy to refund you if you can’t get it working.

  7. Lina says:

    I bought Stockholm syndrome but couldn’t open the documents? Is this a scam?

    • knightrrider says:

      No, it’s not a scam. Which format did you buy? I’ll email you the file and see if that works, and look into why the Payhip download didn’t. (I just tried and it’s working for me, so it’s possible it’s an issue with your ebook device? Not sure.)

  8. Lina says:

    I downloaded it as a pdf in my iBooks and it says can’t open document every time I try


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