One day e-book discount!

Two things today:

Payhip, where I sell my e-books, has added a shopping cart so you no longer have to go in and out of separate pages to buy multiple books, and I’m going to see my favourite band tonight. So to mark both of these things, and because I’m feeling randomly generous and in love with the world today, all e-books are £1 for today only.

Get them here!


Valentine’s Eve

Sorry for the silence lately! RL/day job getting in the way of the fun stuff, as always. Plus I think I must have been linked on some kind of busy forum/website/Tumblr/whatever because the volume of emails I’ve been getting lately is staggering, I mean to the point that even if I did nothing but reply to them for days on end I wouldn’t get through them. So hopefully if you’ve emailed me and not had a reply you’ll see this: I truly am sorry, it’s just been a total avalanche! I’m writing an FAQ page which should hopefully address most of the questions people have been asking, and I’ll do my best to reply personally to whatever doesn’t get covered there.

The main thing seems to be “get your shit together and re-release the Stockholm Syndrome books” (understandably, since I keep sailing past my own deadlines) so I’m happy to announce that EBOOKS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AGAIN TOMORROW. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, and I can’t resist that link. Paperbacks will follow very shortly, I’m just looking at some alternative options to Lulu and the possibility of a small print run rather than print on demand, which should lower the price a bit. I totally recommend the paperbacks over the e-books, by the way – less profit for me, but who cares? The new covers, by designer Rosamund Berdann, are beautiful and deserve to be real solid things you can hold in your hands – but obviously they’re all going to be available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats as well for convenience.

Follow me on Twitter @Knightrrrider for release updates (fair warning: all I really do is wail about McFly and have bum bants with John because we’re 12), or check back on my e-books page tomorrow for purchase links.

The reason it’s taken forever and a day to get these things ready is that every time I thought I was done I totally changed my mind and had to start over. I pretty much know these stories by heart now, I’ve been staring at them for so long. I honestly intended to edit down the length, especially of the first one, and try to get a better balance of plot/interminable sex scenes, but even when I ended up with (undoubtedly) a better, tighter story it just didn’t feel the same. It was a story, it wasn’t their story, or mine. So I suppose this is another fair warning: if you’ve been waiting for half the book to be cut away, I’m afraid that hasn’t happened. (I’ve cut out a few chapters, but then I’ve added some of the short stories into the main books as well so… oops?) I’ve just kind of got used to the fact that this rambling messed-up story is never going to please everyone, but the people who do like it are really really into it exactly as it is, and that sort of feels more important. I’m thrilled there’s still so much love for it six years after I wrote it, and that people are finding it even now. Thank you for the endless cheerleading, and the endless patience!

Also please read Captured Shadows because that’s actually a good story and it’s very short and nobody wants to know :P I’m going to make the e-books free for today and tomorrow only: get it here.

Kindle, Kobo & questions

Captured Shadows is available now on Kindle and Kobo! I’m not seeing it yet on iBooks but it should be up there sometime soon.

I’ve been drowning in emails and messages lately (hello again, One Direction fandom) so please hang on a bit longer if you’re waiting on a reply – tomorrow is my dedicated email day. I promise I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m just struggling a bit with the volume…! In the meantime I’ll say a few quick things to cover most of what’s being asked:

1) I’ve been sending the old Stockholm Syndrome files to people who asked for them since it’s been taking me so long to get the editing finished, but we’re so close to the books’ re-release (December!) that I’d rather you hang on a few weeks more and get the improved versions. Less meandering endless porn. Ymmv on whether this approach is an improvement, I don’t know! They certainly work better as stories.

2) Stockholm Syndrome was published in 2009 and (other than a few mentions of McFly because they are my life blood and barge themselves uninvited into everything I say or do ever) have nothing to do with any boyband – although of course I’m pleased people are still finding and enjoying the stories so many years after they were written, even if it’s from somewhere unexpected. Welcome to everyone who’s been lovely about this thing; two middle fingers up to the wankers with the weird threats.

3) No, I am not Harry Styles. Never thought that would be a question I’d need a FAQ for…

Why are we talking so much about Stockholm Syndrome? Go and read Captured Shadows, it’s brilliant!